Form Nys-1 - Return Of Tax Withheld

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Scroll down to complete Form NYS-1
Tab between entry areas and click on the check boxes to
mark and unmark them.
This form is set up for either printing on two separate sheets
of paper, or two-sided printing.
Scroll down to complete the back of Form NYS-1
Cut on the dotted line before filing this form.
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Return of Tax Withheld
Withholding identification number
1 New York State tax withheld ...
2 New York City tax withheld .....
legal name:
3 Yonkers tax withheld ...............
A Last payroll date – Enter date of last
4 Total withheld
( add lines 1, 2, & 3 )
payroll covered by this return (mmddyy)
B If you permanently ceased paying wages,
5 Credit claimed ..........................
enter date of final payroll (mmddyy) ..........
6 Total tax due
( line 4 minus line 5 )
C Mark an X in the box for additional payment .........................
I certify that this information is to the best of my knowledge and belief true, correct, and complete.
Taxpayer’s signature
Taxpayer’s name
Telephone number
( print or type )
Mark X if new
For office
employer or address
use only
( see back )
Received date


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