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Invitation Letters
If you would like to invite a friend or family member in another country to visit you in the US, you
may help them by writing an invitation letter. An invitation letter can help your family member
or friend apply for a tourist (B-2) visa. It is not a required document, but it can be a helpful
supporting document when they go for the visa interview.
You should write a letter in English which includes the following information:
● Name of the person you are inviting
● Purpose of the visit (for example, vacation, attend graduation, meet a new baby),
including places you will visit
● Dates (even approximate dates) of the visit
● What financial support you are offering (for example, cost of travel, room and board)
The letter is not a legal document so you do not need to use overly formal language. Below are
some examples of invitation letter templates you can use. Send the letter directly to your friend
or family member, not to the consulate. If you are inviting multiple people, each person should
have their own invitation letter.
How and When to Write a Visa Letter of Invitation
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Sample invitation letter 1
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Sample invitation letter 2
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PSU international students in F-1 or J-1 status may also request an invitation letter from the
Office of International Student and Scholar Services. Students can submit the request online
through WorldLink.
Verification of Student Status
If you would like a document that proves your enrollment status as a PSU student, you can
request an
Enrollment Verification
from the Office of the Registrar.
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