Noise Complaint Letter


Dear Tenant,
Recently it has come to my/our attention that the level of noise coming from your
apartment/condo/unit is in excess, and is causing a great deal of disturbance to
your neighbors.
I/we know there have been several instances when other tenants have had
cause to complain to me/us and/or the police with regard to the noise.
Specifically, these incidents have been documented:
Part of your lease agreement requires that you maintain a respectful level of
noise in your apartment/condo/unit. We/I understand that sometimes noise is out
of your control, but these incidents are becoming too frequent, and unless you
are able to quickly modify the behavior we/I will be forced to take action that may
include evicting you from the premises.
This letter will go into your file, and serve as evidence that you were officially
warned about the noise level. Please take this seriously, as we already have
ample cause to terminate your lease.


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