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Extreme Weather Challenge
Directions: Read each sentence. Then circle the letter next to the answer that best
completes the sentence.
1. “Tornado Alley,” where tornadoes are most frequent in the United States, runs
roughly ______.
a. from Ohio and West Virginia through Colorado and Wyoming
b. from Texas and Louisiana through North Dakota and Minnesota
c. from Florida and Alabama through New Jersey and Philadelphia
2. In order to qualify as a hurricane, a tropical storm must have maximum sustained
winds exceeding ______.
a. 62 mph
b. 74 mph
c. 85 mph
3. Storms are given names when they achieve ______ status.
a. tropical depression
b. tropical storm
c. hurricane
4. When the eye of a hurricane is passing over, an area experiences ______.
a. a more intense period of the storm
b. the end of the storm
c. a temporary calm
5. During El Niño, unusually warm water in the ______
has a significant effect on
the weather.
a. eastern Pacific Ocean
b. northern Atlantic Ocean
c. southern Indian Ocean
6. Exposure to extreme cold can cause ______.
a. hypochondria
b. hypoglycemia
c. hypothermia
7. The “Lake Effect” takes place when a snowstorm passes over a large lake and ___.
a. warms up and turns to rain
b. gathers moisture and deposits large amounts of snow on the area beyond it
c. stalls over the lake for several days before reaching land
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