Away From Home Santa Letter Template


Santa Claus
The North Pole
Merry Christmas!
Ho, ho! Are you ready for Christmas? I'm so excited. The reindeer
are ready to roll (or fly), and I'm putting the finishing touches on
some special gifts.
I heard that you're a little worried because you won't be
celebrating Christmas at the usual place this year. Are you afraid
that I won't be able to find you to deliver your gifts? Well, let me
tell you, this happens all the time. Kids go out of town to visit
family, or they take a vacation, or head over to someone else's
house. This is not a problem for me!
I can't reveal all my secrets (it could be GPS; it could be reindeer
magic), but I have absolutely no trouble finding kids on Christmas
Eve, whether they're home snug in their beds, in another town, or
even in another state or country. You can hang your stocking
anywhere and old Santa will find you.
Wherever you are on Christmas Eve, please be sure to get lots of
sleep so I can deliver your presents and you'll be well-rested by
the morning time.


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