Form 3581 - California Tax Deposit Refund And Transfer Request


Tax Deposit Refund and Transfer Request
For calendar year
or fiscal year beginning month (mm/dd/yyyy)
, and ending (mm/dd/yyyy)
Name(s) as shown on tax return
Your SSN or ITIN
Spouse’s/RDP’s SSN or ITIN
Address (number and street, suite, room, PO box, or PMB no.)
ZIP code
California corporation number
California Secretary of State file number
Explanation of Requested Action. Indicate type of tax, tax deposit payment, and date of the payment. Also, make sure to mark the requested action. To transfer all or part
of a tax deposit payment to another taxable year, enter the amount and the taxable year it should be applied to.
Complete all applicable fields:
• Type of tax: ____ Personal income tax
____ Corporate tax
____LLC fee
____ LP, LLP, REMIC annual tax
• Tax deposit payment $ ________________________
• Date of payment: ___________________
• What is the requested action? ____ Refund
____ Transfer to another taxable year
____ Convert deficiency administrative action
to action on a refund claim.
• Amount to be refunded $ ______________________
• Amount $ ______________________ to be transferred to ___________ taxable year.
Signature of individual, owner, officer, or authorized representative and title
If joint return, spouse’s/RDP’s signature (It is unlawful to forge a spouse’s/RDP’s signature.)
General Information
Registered Domestic Partners (RDP)
To ensure timely response and proper application of your request, enter all the
For purposes of California income tax, references to a spouse, husband, or wife
applicable information requested on the form.
also refers to a California RDP, unless otherwise specified. When we use the
Make sure to enter the:
initials RDP, they refer to both a California registered domestic “partner” and a
Four-digit taxable year in the box at the top of the form, and complete the first
California registered domestic “partnership,” as applicable. For more information
line as applicable.
on RDPs, get FTB Pub. 737, Tax Information for Registered Domestic Partners.
Social Security Number(s) (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification
Use form FTB 3581, Tax Deposit Refund and Transfer Request, to:
Number(s) (ITIN).
Request the refund of all or part of a tax deposit,
California corporation number, California Secretary of State (SOS) file number,
Transfer all or part of a tax deposit, or
or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
Convert a pending deficiency protest or appeal to a claim for refund.
Tax deposit payment, the amount to be refunded, and/or the amount to be
transferred to another taxable year.
In general, you can request the refund or the transfer of a tax deposit at any
time before the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) applies the deposit amount to
Private Mail Box (PMB)
satisfy a final tax liability.
Include the PMB in the address field. Write “PMB” first, then the box number.
Example: 111 Main Street PMB 123.
Convert Pending Deficiency Action to a Claim
Where to File
for Refund
Submit a separate form FTB 3581 for each taxable year.
If you use this form to transfer a tax deposit amount to another taxable year,
For individuals, mail this form to:
or if you have a tax deposit amount on account, and you wish to convert any
pending deficiency protest or appeal to a claim for refund before there is a final
tax liability for that taxable year, you must provide a statement in writing asking
PO BOX 942840
the FTB to convert the administrative deficiency dispute to an administrative
SACRAMENTO CA 94240-0040
claim dispute. To satisfy the written statement requirement, you must file a
For corporations, LPs, LLPs, REMICs, or LLCs, mail this form to:
separate form FTB 3581 for that taxable year and check the option that states:
“Convert deficiency administrative action to action on a refund claim.”
PO BOX 942857
When the FTB receives form FTB 3581, the FTB will finalize the deficiency,
SACRAMENTO CA 94257-0500
and apply the tax deposit amount toward your deficiency amount, including
interest and any amnesty penalty (if applicable). If the tax deposit amount is
not enough to pay the final deficiency amount, including penalties, fees, and
interest, the claim becomes an informal claim. You will receive a bill for the
remaining amount due. The FTB cannot act on the claim until the tax liability
for that taxable year is fully paid. The six-month “deemed denial” period does
not start to run until the tax liability for that taxable year is fully paid, and the
informal claim is a perfected claim.
FTB 3581
For Privacy Notice, get FTB 1131 ENG/SP.


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