Accessible Algorithms - Math Cheat Sheet


Level 2
Accessible Algorithms
In Level 2 of blended usage, teachers introduce and provide
support for accessible algorithms from Math Expressions that can
be used with the content in Houghton Mifflin Math. This
approach provides children with alternative methods for
understanding concepts presented in Houghton Mifflin Math so
that they can achieve a broader and more flexible understanding
of those concepts.
What Are Accessible Algorithms?
Math Expressions provides a set of algorithms, or computational
procedures, that research has shown to be highly accessible and
meaningful to all learners. These methods relate easily to methods
in Houghton Mifflin Math.
How to Use Accessible Algorithms with Houghton
Mifflin Math
In this section of the Blended Usage Planning Guide, you will find
a description of the accessible algorithms taught in Math
Expressions that apply to math concepts taught in Houghton
Mifflin Math.
Level 2


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