Event Business Plan Template


Event Business Plan Template
An event Business Plan serves to communicate the strategic plan for taking the event
forward, usually over a period of three to five years (if it is not a one-off proposition). Every
event should have a Business Plan.
Regardless of the scale, age or history of your event, the Business Plan is an essential tool
that will:
Communicate the vision, purpose and benefits of the event to others
Enable you to focus on the event’s potential to develop and grow
Illustrate and help secure the event’s viability and sustainability in the longer term
Show how much money is needed and what it is needed for
Help you plan the resources, delivery and operating structure
Help you raise funding
Help you measure success
It is recommended that all business plans being submitted in conjunction with National
Programme Applications contain the following:
An Event Overview including:
Vision and Mission Statement
Key Outcomes/deliverables
The Event
Target Market
Stakeholder involvement and benefits
Delivery mechanism
Development Plan including
Strategic Development
SWOT Analysis
Financial Plan and Considerations
Income and Expenditure projections
Economic Impact Estimation
Key areas to be addressed in an event business plan include:
The event’s vision and mission – i.e. what it ultimately aims to achieve
Who the key stakeholders are, what benefits they will accrue and how the event fits
with their strategies
The relevant experience and track record of the organisers
The event’s background and an overview of plans for the current year


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