Event Business Plan Template Page 13


The Business – describe how you will keep track of the business; describe the management and
administration systems that will ensure the smooth running of the event
Other Records – explain the other systems you will put in place to monitor progress of each operation, when
will you do it, who will do it, etc
Monitoring and Evaluation of Outcomes - how will you measure objectives and outcomes against levels of
achievement (marketing, budget, etc) and how will you provide reports?
Risk Factors – identify key risk factors (e.g. with respect to your objectives, programme, finances, operations,
reputation, legal, audience, health & safety, etc). Show how you will manage and mitigate risks and provide an
initial risk assessment
9. Appendices
These may include appropriate documents such as
Additional financial information
A site/venue map
Previous research and economic impact information
Equal opportunities policy
Health and safety policy
Ethical practices
Code of practice/staff briefing document
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