Event Business Plan Template Page 5


Target Market – give an outline of the existing audience/spectator/participant profile (if there
is one) and state targets for growth and development (you should go into more detail in
section 5)
Stakeholder Involvement and Benefits – describe the involvement and benefits each
stakeholder should expect (event partners, public funders, sponsors, supporters, host
venue/city, the local community, etc). Make sure you state where the event and stakeholder
strategies align
Delivery Mechanism -
3. Development Plan – Going Forward
This section should present an outline of how the event will develop over the next 3–5 years:
Strategic Development – with your vision and mission in mind, outline your key objectives
and how they will be delivered and developed beyond the current year; set timescales and
identify who will lead each action (i.e. organisation/individual)
SWOT analysis
Unique event in calendar
Potential for weather to affect
Point 2
Point 2
Point 3
Point 3
To grow into new markets and invite
Clashes with other events taking
in different age groups
place in the local area
Point 2
Point 2
Point 3
Point 3


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