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A letter of Good Standing may only be requested by an authorized representative of the corporation
listed as the applicant on the front of this request. The letter will not be issued if the following line is
not completed.
Name of Authorized Representative
Where do I mail the request?
Mail all requests with the required information and any amount due with checks or money orders made
payable to the RI Division of Taxation.
Mail to:
Letter of Good Standing
Office Audit and Discovery
Rhode Island Division of Taxation
One Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908
How long does it take?
Generally a Letter of Good Standing request takes 4 weeks to process. Individual request may take longer
or shorter depending on the individual taxpayer. Failure to provide any required information will delay the
processing of your request.
If I bring the request in can I get it the same day?
The Division of Taxation does not have walk in service for letters of good standing. You may drop off your
letter of good standing request or any other information that we have requested at our front desk and it will
be processed as quickly as possible. If you have any questions regarding your request please feel free to
contact us at (401) 574-8756.
How do I contact the Division of Taxation?
Any questions on how to complete this form or on the status of your request please contact us.
Phone: (401) 574-8756
Fax: (401) 574-9234
How long is the request good for?
Generally a request is good for 60 days. Requests that are not issued within 60 days due to the failure to
provide all required information and payments will no longer be valid and must be submitted again.
Note for Non-Profit Corporations: Please submit an affidavit (LGS-2) with any request for Letter of
Good Standing pertaining to a non-profit corporation which has had no filing requirement for Rhode Island
Business Corporation Tax because it has had no federal taxable income.
Rev 07/2012
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