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Invention Challenge
Directions: Read each question. Then circle the letter next to the answer that
completes the sentence.
1. James Naismith used a soccer ball and peach basket to invent ____________.
a. soccer
b. basketball
c. baseball
2. Alexander Graham Bell invented the ____________.
a. traffic light
b. light bulb
c. telephone
3. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented ____________.
a. blue jeans
b. cowboy hats
c. cowboy boots
4. George Washington Carver invented over 300 things that can be made from ____.
a. eggs
b. tomatoes
c. peanuts
5. Drivers can see out of their cars when it rains, because Mary Anderson invented
the ____________.
a. umbrella
b. zipper
c. windshield wiper
6. Thomas Edison invented the incandescent ____________.
a. light bulb
b. CD player
c. inline skates
7. Ruth Wakefield put pieces of a chocolate bar into some batter and accidentally
invented _________.
a. brownies
b. chocolate cake
c. chocolate chip cookies
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