Form Ri-1041 - Rhode Island Fiduciary Income Tax Return - 2012 Page 7


The net operating loss deduction may not be car-
the fiduciary's application for an automatic exten-
ried back for Rhode Island purposes, but will be
sion of time to file (Form RI-8736). Attach a copy
allowed as a carry forward on Form RI-1041 to the
of Form RI-8736 to Form RI-1041 and check the
The Federal Fiduciary Income Tax Return is the
extent the carry forward was used on Federal
box on the front of the return indicating that an
basis for preparing your Rhode Island Fiduciary
Form RI-1041.
extension is attached.
Income Tax Return. In general, the Rhode Island
fiduciary income tax is based on the fiduciary's
Line 7 - Rhode Island Taxable Income: Subtract
Line 15E - Total Payments: Add lines 15A, 15B,
federal total income. Accuracy and attention to
line 6 from line 5.
15C and 15D.
detail in completing the return in accordance with
these instructions will facilitate the processing of
Line 8 - Rhode Island Income Tax: Enter the
Line 16A - Amount Due: If the amount on line 14C
your tax return.
Rhode Island income tax from the RI Fiduciary Tax
is greater than the amount on line 15E, SUB-
Computation Worksheet.
TRACT line 15E from line 14C and enter the bal-
Type of Return - Indicate by checking the appro-
ance due on line 16A.
priate box what type of return you are preparing.
Line 9 - Allocation: Nonresident estates or trusts
If you are preparing a bankruptcy estate, see the
enter the amount from page 2, Schedule II, line
Line 16B - Underestimating Interest: If the fidu-
2012 Rhode Island Fiduciary Tax Rate Schedules
34. Resident estates or trusts enter 1.0000.
ciary owes underestimating interest, complete
for instructions on how to file.
Form RI-2210, check the box and indicate the
Line 10 - RI Income Tax After Allocation:
amount of interest due on line 16B.
Names, Address and Federal Employer
Multiply the amount on line 8 by the percentage on
Identification Number - Make sure the names,
line 9.
Line 16C - Total Amount Due: Add lines 16A and
address and federal employer identification num-
16B. This is the total amount the fiduciary owes.
ber on the return are correct. Incorrect entries
Line 11 - Credit For Income Taxes Paid To
This amount is payable in full with the return. An
could delay the processing of your return.
Other States: Resident estates or trusts only.
amount due of less than one dollar ($1) need not
Enter the amount from page 2, Schedule III, line 41.
be paid.
Year End - Indicate by checking the appropriate
box whether the fiduciary is a calendar or fiscal
Line 12 - Other RI Credits: Enter the amount of
Line 17 - Overpayment: If the amount on line
year filer. If the fiduciary is a fiscal year filer, indi-
RI credits from page 5, RI Schedule CR, line 4.
15E is greater than the amount on line 14C, sub-
cate the beginning and the year-end of the fiduci-
Enter the amount of each credit in the space pro-
tract line 14C from line 15E and enter the overpay-
ary in the space provided. Only fiduciaries with a
vided and attach each required credit certificate or
ment on line 17.
fiscal year beginning in 2012 may use this form.
carry forward schedule to Form RI-1041.
If there is an amout due on line 16B for underesti-
Line 1 - Federal Total Income of Fiduciary:
Line 13 - Total RI Credits: Add lines 11 and 12.
mating interest, subtract line 16B from line 17.
Enter the amount of income from Federal Form
1041, line 9.
Line 14A - Rhode Island Income Tax after
If the amount of underestimating interest on line
Rhode Island Credits: Subtract line 13 from line
16B is more than the amount of overpayment from
Line 2 - Modifications Increasing Federal Total
(If zero or less, enter zero.)
line 17, subtract line 17 from line 16B and enter
Income: Enter the amount of modifications
the result on line 16C.
increasing federal total income from page 4, RI
Line 14B - Recapture of Prior Year Other
Schedule M, line 2I.
Rhode Island Credits: Enter amount of Credit
Line 18 - Refund: Enter the amount of the over-
Recapture from page 6, RI Schedule CR, line 7.
payment on line 17 that is to be refunded.
Line 3 - Modifications Decreasing Federal
Refunds of less than $1.00 will not be paid unless
Income: Enter as a negative number the amount
Line 14C – Total Rhode Island Tax: Add lines
specifically requested.
of modifications decreasing federal income from
14A and 14B.
page 4, RI Schedule M, line 3U.
Line 19 - Overpayment to be applied to 2013:
Line 15A - RI Income Tax Withheld: Enter total
Enter the amount of overpayment on line 17,
Line 4 - Net Modifications: Combine lines 2 and 3.
amount of Rhode Island 2012 income tax withheld
which is to be applied to the fiduciary's 2013 esti-
from page 3, RI Schedule W, line 21. (Attach the
mated tax.
Line 5 - Modified Federal Total Income:
state copy of all forms W-2, 1099s, etc. showing
Combine lines 1 and 4. Add net increases or sub-
Rhode Island withholding to the front of the
tract net decreases, whichever applies.
return.) Credit for Rhode Island income tax with-
held will be allowed only for those amounts sup-
Line 6 - Federal Total Deductions: Enter the
(1) The Estate of a decedent who at his or her
ported by attached W-2s, 1099s, etc.
amount of federal deductions from Federal Form
death was a resident individual of Rhode
1041, lines 16 and 21.
Withholding from a Pass-through entity reported
(2) A revocable trust which becomes irrevocable
on a RI-1099PT should be entered on Schedule
However, if the fiduciary claimed modifica-
upon the occurrence of any event which termi-
W and included in the amount for Line 15A.
tions to federal total income, the fiduciary may
nates a person’s power to revoke if the person
need to recalculate the federal total deduc-
having the power to revoke is a Rhode Island
RI Schedule W, and all forms W-2, 1099s, etc
tions based on the fiduciary's modified federal
resident at the time of such event.
showing Rhode Island withholding must be
total income. Attach a copy of the calculation
(3) A trust created by a will of a decedent who is a
attached to Form RI-1041.
to the return.
Rhode Island resident.
(4) An irrevocable trust created by or consisting of
Line 15B - Payments on 2012 Form RI-1041ES
The amounts included in Federal Form 1041, line
property contributed by a person who is a
and Credits Carried Forward From 2011: Enter
16 should only be included on Form RI-1041, line
Rhode Island resident at the time the trust was
the amount of estimated payments on 2012 Form
6 if the costs are paid or incurred in connection
created or at the time of death is a Rhode
RI-1041ES and the amount applied from the fidu-
with the administration of the estate or trust, and
Island resident.
ciary's 2011 return.
would not have been incurred had the property not
(5) In cases 2, 3 and 4 such trust is only a resident
been held in the estate or trust.
trust to the extent that the beneficiaries are
Line 15C - Nonresident Real Estate Withholding:
Rhode Island residents.
Enter the amount of Rhode Island income tax
In addition, the domestic production activity
withheld on sales of real estate located in Rhode
deduction and the net operating loss deduction
may be included on Form RI-1041, line 6 to the
If the trust defined in cases 2, 3 or 4 has a nonres-
ident beneficiary, follow the instructions for a non-
extent they are included in Federal Form 1041,
Line 15D - Other Payments: Enter any other pay-
resident estate or trust.
line 16.
ments, including advance payments made with
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