Santa Exists Letter Template


Santa Claus
The North Pole
Merry Christmas!
How are you? I was just checking my lists for a second time,
and sure enough, there's your name! You're on the "good" list, of
course. (Were you worried?)
Is your stocking ready to hang? I hope it's a big one! My
sleigh is loaded up with toys and games. Don't worry: The elves
know exactly what's on your wish list this year. You have good
I heard a rumor that you're not sure I exist. Well, I hope you
can keep your doubts to yourself. Christmas is such a magical
time, especially for the little ones, and I know you wouldn't want to
spoil their fun.
Oh, and if you think of it, please leave a carrot out for
Rudolph. He needs to keep up his energy if we're going to make it
to all of those houses in one night!
Your Friend,


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