Letter Of Interest Template To Qualified Energy Service Provider


Letter of Interest
Dear Qualified Energy Service Provider (QESP):
_____________________________ [INSERT NAME OF STATE AGENCY OR
MUNICIPALITY] intends to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to Selected QESPs for a Cost-
Effective Feasibility Analysis (Exhibit B to the Contract) for the Project Site(s) identified in the
attached Technical Facility Profile. If you are interested in receiving and responding to the RFP,
you must return this completed Letter of Interest to the State Agency or Municipality (the
“Department”) at the address listed below. The Department will select three or more QESPs to
competitively respond to the RFP for this project based upon the Letters of Interest received and
the Department’s evaluation of your qualifications. Your qualifications are already on file as a
result of your having been selected to participate in Connecticut’s Energy-Savings Performance
Contract Process.
Any capitalized terms not defined in this Letter of Interest shall have the same meaning as those
terms have in the Contract.
If interested, please sign this letter below, provide the identifying information, and mail to the
Department. Letters of Interest must be received no later than _____, 20__ [INSERT TIME AND
DATE] at the following address:
[INSERT NAME OF QESP] is interested in being selected as one of the QESPs to competitively
respond to the RFP.
Signature ________________________________________
Name of Signatory ________________________________
Title of Signatory ________________________________
Date ________________________________________
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