Form S-220a Schedule P - Buyer'S Claim For Refund Of Wisconsin State, County And Stadium Sales Taxes


(Attachment to Form BCR, Buyer’s Claim for Refund of Wisconsin State, County and Stadium Sales Taxes)
This schedule details purchases on which Wisconsin sales tax was paid to the seller and a refund of the tax is
being claimed from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The buyer should complete Sections 1 and 3,
and have the seller complete Section 2. Use a separate Schedule P for each seller. Schedule P should be
returned by the seller to the buyer and the buyer should attach it to Form BCR as documentation of the refund
(Buyer’s Name)
(Buyer’s Address)
(Area Code)
(Telephone No.)
1. Period covered by this refund claim: From:
2. Total state, county and stadium tax paid in error . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(Total of Columns 7, 8, 9, and 10 from Section 3) Include this amount in the total on line 3, Form BCR.)
The above-named buyer has entered in Section 3 (on the back of this page) information concerning transactions
for which they are claiming a refund of sales tax from the Department of Revenue. Please examine the informa-
tion entered in Section 3 and, if you have not previously received or requested a refund of the sales tax listed in
Columns 7 through 10, complete Section 2 below and return this document to your customer.
Enter your Wisconsin Seller’s Permit Number, Use Tax Number or Tax Account Number:
Enter your Federal Employer’s Identification Number:
(Seller’s Legal Name)
(Seller’s Business/Trade Name)
(Seller’s Business Address)
Check this box if any of the items listed in Section 3 do not qualify for a refund, identify which items do not qualify, and explain
why not (for example, tax paid was not Wisconsin tax):
I declare under penalties of law that I have read and examined this document and attest to the fact that the items listed in Section 3
were sold by me and that Wisconsin state sales tax and, where applicable, county and/or stadium tax, was charged and reported
to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. I have not requested and will not request a refund, taken credit on any sales tax return,
been allowed credit, or given the buyer credit for any sales tax listed in Section 3 (Columns 7-10). I further declare that I will not
request a refund of tax for other sales to this purchaser for the periods in Section 1.
(Print Seller’s Name)
(Seller’s Signature)
S-220a (R. 2-06)
Wisconsin Department of Revenue


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