Form 4 - Form Of Application For License To Drive A Motor Vehicle


{See Rule 14}
Form of Application for License to drive a Motor Vehicle
The Licensing Authority,
I apply for a license to enable me to drive vehicles of the following description : --
(a) Motor Cycle without gear
(b) Motor Cycle with gear
(c) Invalid Carriage
(d) Light Motor Vehicle
(e) Medium Goods Vehicle
(f) Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle
(g) Heavy Goods Vehicle
(h) Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle
(i) Road Roller
(j) Motor Vehicle of the following description
Particulars to be furnished by the Applicant
1. Name
2. Son / wife / daughter of
3. Permanent address (Proof to be enclosed)
4. Temporary address / Official address (if any)
5. Date of birth (Proof to be enclosed)
6. Educational qualification
7. Identification Marks
8. Blood Group with RH factor
9. Have you previously held driving license ?
If so, give details.


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