Sample Business Introduction Letter


Visa Section
[enter name of Embassy]
[enter address of Embassy]
[enter date]
Dear Visa Officer,
This letter is to confirm that the following employee is required to travel to [enter country] for business
Full name:
[enter name as in passport]
[enter nationality]
Job Title:
[enter position in company]
Organisation to be visited: [enter inviting company name and address]
Validity requested:
[enter length of visa required]
Number of entries requested: [single/double/multiple]
Entry date:
[enter entry date]
Exit date:
[enter exit date]
Please grant the relevant visa for [enter applicant’s name] to travel. We confirm that s/he will be in receipt of a
return ticket, s/he is covered by our company insurance policy, and all expenses for his/her journey will be met
by [enter company name]. Should you wish to discuss this application further please do not hesitate to contact
Yours faithfully,
[Signee’s name and job title]


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