Sample Speculative Or Unsolicited Cover Letter


Speculative or Unsolicited Cover Letter
30 April 2008
Ms Jan Smith
Manager, Human Resources
The XYZ Anon Company Pty Ltd
PO Box 8888
Dear Ms Smith,
The reason for your letter and your present circumstances:
I am writing to explore (eg employment opportunities) _____ OR I write to express interest
in ______ with _____ (company)_____ OR I am writing about the possibility of _____(eg a graduate
position)______ OR I heard recently that _____ and write now to ______ OR I am writing to you
having been referred by Ms Claire White from _____ who suggested you might be recruiting
______. You will see from the enclosed resume that I am at present ________(details of what you
are doing, eg final-year/graduate/postgraduate________). I am extremely keen to _______(perhaps
a comment on your keenness to commence in a particular field)______.
Match what you have read they require/think they might want with what you can offer (plus
outline any other skills):
I have read (your annual report/graduate recruitment literature) and note your interest in graduates
who ______ OR You consistently indicate an interest in (eg kind of grads, from paper adverts)_____
OR I believe I am well suited to a position requiring _______(refer to stated attributes, skills etc they
need or you think they would value)______. I have completed _____ OR You will note my results
_____ OR As indicated in my resume I _______(Sentence(s) supporting how you claim to be able to
meet their major requirements)_________. I also ______(any other skills/experiences that, while
not required may also be useful)_______.
Indicate your interest in this organisation and support your interest:
I would be particularly interested in obtaining a position with _____ OR I was genuinely impressed
by your stated attitude to ______ OR I was interested to read that you _____ OR I strongly believe in
the importance of (your approach to)_____ OR I first became aware of (company activities)_____


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