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You’ll be submitting many applications via email. You’ve written a beautiful cover letter and
have an awesome resume. But now you’re faced with the blank body of an email.
Basically, this email is just to make sure your info ends up in the right pile (i.e. not the trash).
Address it to the hiring manager
Include the job title in the email body
If you’re supposed to email
and subject
, send the
Make sure the application ends up in the
application there, but include the name of
right folder. Tell them how (file format) and
where (attached) they’ll find the important
the hiring manager—whoever you
addressed your cover letter to.
docs (resume + cover letter).
Keep it formal
Include your contact info and name
Be polite and courteous.
Put your name and contact info in the body
of the email and the email signature.
Keep it short
That’s it. Let your resume and cover letter
Elaborate explanations and introductions
don’t belong here. Two sentences is plenty;
speak for themselves.
three is more than enough.
Here’s an example:
Dear Ms. Hiring-Manager,
I am pleased to submit my application for the account associate position at Big Ads Firm. My
resume and cover letter are attached in a PDF. Please contact me at if there
is a problem with the file.
Thank you for your consideration,
Hopeful Applicant
Hopeful Applicant
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