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Cover Letter Checklist
Before sending out your cover letter, always double (and triple) check to make sure everything
is accurate, true, grammatical, spelled correctly, and the best representation of you for that
position. Use this checklist to ensure you have the basics for a good application.
____ My cover letter is 1 page or less.
____ My name is at the top, big, bold, and clear.
____ My text is between sizes 10-12.
____ My text is legible in a readable font.
____ My margins are balanced and between 0.5-1 inch wide.
____ My cover letter is organized and easy to read.
____ My header matches the resume header, and includes my name and contact info.
____ I include the name, job title, and address of the hiring manager.
____ I address the letter "Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager's name]."
____ If I don't know their gender, address the letter "Dear [First + Last Name]."
____ I sign off cordially and formally with "Sincerely."
____ Everything is spelled correctly.
____ Industry specific words are spelled correctly according to each company's preferences.
(Is Communication supposed to have an "s"?)
____ Everything is in the active voice.
____ I use strong action verbs.
____ My writing is clear and illustrative.
____ I write to my audience (i.e. the hiring manager).
____ My writing is confident and engaging in a professional tone.
____ My cover letter is skimmable—you can discern my experience in 30 seconds or less.
____ It's short—between 200 and 350 words for the main text.
____ I include the job title and company name in the body of the letter.
____ I show interest in the company's work and goals.
____ The skills and experience I present match the employer's requirements.
____ I omit information and positions not related to my application.
____ I do not repeat, rehash, or summarize my resume.
____ I expand upon my resume through anecdotes, examples, or short narratives.
____ I anticipate and answer potential questions the hiring manager may have.
____ I show accomplishments and results, not just tasks.
____ I focus on what I can do for the company, not what they can do for me.
____ Everything included is a true and positive representation of me.
____ All dates and locations are accurate.
____ I clearly state what I hope to gain from the process (job, industry connection,
informational interview) and indicate a desire to move forward in the process.
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