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Sample Cover Letter from a Student Applicant
Samantha Marsh
12345 North Street
Seattle, WA 98072
December 10, 2004
Lynn Sheers
170 Dennis Building
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98155
Dear Ms. Sheers:
I am writing in response to the job listing on the internet for the Teacher’s Aid position at the
Institute of Child Development. I am currently a junior in the College of Liberal Arts working
toward a major in child psychology, and I would look forward to extending my academic skills in
a setting like the ICD.
I have successfully completed the generals for my major. The classes in which I’m currently
enrolled are Cognitive Development, Disabilities and Development in Adolescents, Research
Methods, and thesis credits for the senior project.
In addition to my academic preparation, I have also gained valuable experience as a volunteer.
To begin with, I worked as a Sunday school teacher while I was in high school. As part of this
work, I planned lessons and prepared materials for class. Later on, I also worked with the
mentally and physically challenged, as part of a project with a local community center. In the
position, I took clients on community outings, recorded their behaviors, and administered
medication. Finally, I have also volunteered at Children’s Hospital for eight years, where I
continue to work to make children’s experiences as comfortable as possible. Some examples of
my duties in this position include assisting with craft activities, going for walks throughout the
floors, and rocking babies while their parents are out. Overall, these experiences have all been
very rewarding. To that end, I would very much enjoying taking on this new position with the
Institute of Child Development, in order to combine my community and academic experiences.
I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this position in more detail.
Please feel free to reach me at 206-232-7507. I am generally available between 9am-6pm.
Samantha Marsh
Nugent Building, Park Student Union, Rec Center
(520) 626-0530


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