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Mary Jones
1357 Main Street, Apt. A
Denver, CO 80000
August 20, 2003
John Smith
Human Resources Director
Juvenile and Family Services Department
2468 Broadway, Room 214
Kansas City, MO 60000
Re: Attorney Position in Juvenile and Family Services Department
Dear Mr. Smith:
My interest in family and juvenile justice is the reason for contacting you. I spent the last five
years dedicating myself to these issues. They are the reason I attended law school, and they
underscore my interest in becoming a lawyer in your office.
I know from recent articles that your office has been on the cutting edge of designing and
implementing innovative strategies in representing the victims of domestic violence. With my
background and experience, I can make valuable contributions to this important work you do.
From my enclosed resume you will note that as a victim’s advocate in the Jackson County
District Attorney’s Office, I developed a solid understanding of the complexities of family and
partner violence and provided advice and support to effectively protect and promote clients’
rights and needs. My authorship of key parts of a Domestic Violence Legal Manual used
statewide in Missouri has also contributed to the crucial work local law enforcement and battered
women’s shelters perform.
Missouri is my home, and I am committed to return there to work as a lawyer promoting the
issues of family and juvenile justice. I would very much appreciate having the opportunity to
meet with you at a personal interview to discuss how I could marshal my experience, skills, and
profound interest in this area of law to serve your office and its clients and make vital
contributions to the work your office does for women and children in Kansas City. I will call
your office next week to arrange a time when we might be able to get together. If you have any
questions before then, please call or e-mail me at 303-123-4567 / .
Thank you for your consideration.
Mary Jones
Mary Jones


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