Cheat Sheet - Eating On A Budget


1. Prepare your own meals - don‘t eat out!
Preparing your own meals is cheapest and gives you full control over all ingredients.
2. Embrace whole foods
Whole foods are foods in their purest and healthiest form. Make them your staples.
3. Buy in bulk
Aim for family packages or buy in the bulk section. Compare prices by looking at the unit price.
4. Prepare simple recipes
Simple recipes don‘t mean you have to miss out on flavor. And they‘re easier on your digestion, too.
5. Freeze leftovers
Freeze fruits & veg that are about to go bad and make delicious smoothies or soups later on.
6. Do it yourself
Prepare the basics like plant milk, sauces, or spreads yourself instead of buying pre-packaged.
7. Buy in season
Food that‘s in season tastes better and is cheaper. Check out this
8. Buy from the farmers market
Good option to get cheap & seasonal food. Go shortly before the market closes to make bargains.
9. Do your research
Find out about current promotions & discounts of nearby supermarkets in newspapers or online.
10. Buy smart
Opt for store brands, look down on the shelves to find cheaper products, sign up for your store‘s loyalty
programm, buy the right quantities so your food doesn‘t spoil, stock up when you find a good deal on
one of your staple foods, eat before you go shopping, find coupons in newspaper/online.
11. Buy frozen
Frozen fruits & veg are often around twice as cheap as fresh food & offer a great nutritional profile.
12. Drink water
Drink water or tea instead of soda. Consider buying a water filter or
find a spring
in your local area.
13. Grow your own food
May be challenging but also very rewarding.
This book
is a good read on the topic.
14. Make a plan
Use our templates to make a plan and shopping list to avoid immpulsive buying.


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