Sample Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa For Parents - Consulate General Of The United States Of America


<Your Name>
<Your address in USA>
Consulate General of the United States of America
<City>, India.
Subject: Issuance of Visitor Visa for my parents(-in-law).
Respected Sir or Madam,
This letter is written is support of inviting my father(-in-law) <Name> with Passport #:
<passport number> and mother(-in-law), <Name> with Passport #: <passport number>, for a
pleasure trip to the USA.
I am employed as <Your designation and name of employer> and presently in the United States
on <Your status in USA – mention the visa you are in/green card/citizen etc.>. My Social
Security Number is<SSN>. I would like my parents(-in-law) to stay here with me at the above-
mentioned address for 6 months starting <proposed month and year of the visitor’s arrival>.
During their stay in United States, I will bear their all responsibilities including, but not limited
to, financial responsibilities, return air ticket fare to travel from INDIA to USA and back, travel
expense within USA, medical insurance, housing and food. I will personally make sure that they
leave United States before the expiration of their authorized stay. I will also personally make sure
that they will not become a public charge on the part of United States government.
I am enclosing herewith the following documents for your kind perusal
Notarized Affidavit of Support (I-134)
Copy of H1B/Green Card
Employer Reference letter
Bank Statement
Pay stubs (the last 3 months – mention the months and years)
Copies of W2 (last 2 years – mention the years)
Copy of my passport (all pages)
I hereby request you to grant a Visitor Visa to them, in order to facilitate their trip to USA.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at <Your home phone
number>. I thank you for your attention to, and consideration on this matter.
Sincerely yours,
<Your name>
Encl : as stated above


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