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Sample Business Invitation Letter
from Overseas Company
******Please print your business letter on company stationery.******
June 15, 2016
Consulate General of (country you will visit)
Consular Section
Dear Visa Officer,
Jeremy Simmons (insert your name), International Sales Director (insert your position),
Sample Products, Inc. (insert the name of your company), is planning a business trip to (country)
on Monday, August 2 through August 15, 2016 (dates of your trip). During this trip he has
scheduled meetings to discuss the sales and distribution of his company’s products.
His agenda is to meet and discuss business with Alexander Edwards (insert name of contact)
Overseas Company, Ltd.
123 Example Avenue, Suite 45
City, Province, Country
Telephone: 112-1234-5678
(Please provide full contact details for the company and individual you will visit.)
Sample Products, Inc. (insert company name) will assume all financial responsibility for any
debts incurred by Jeremy Simmons while traveling on business in (country).
We request that you issue him a single entry business visa valid for one month. (Please specify
the requested visa type and duration.) We appreciate your attention to this matter.
James Ventura
James Ventura
Executive Officer
Overseas Company, Ltd.


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