Junior Counselor Application Form - 2017


Junior Counselor Program
The Junior Counselor program is for girls 16 years or older, who have already completed a Counselor in
Training (CIT) program and would like to further enhance their leadership skills by learning what it’s like to be a
camp counselor.
Please read the following information carefully.
The Application deadline is February 10, 2017 at 12:00 NOON. All parts of the application, including at
least two references, must be received by this date as a complete packet. Applications received without at
least two references will not be considered. Applications received after the deadline will only be considered if
there are still positions available at the desired camp.
The Camp Directors will conduct interviews with all applicants and will determine who will be hired for the Junior
Counselor Program. We hope to have completed placement by March 24. All girls placed in the program will
receive an employment and information packet including a Letter of Agreement, Parent Permission Form,
information regarding their nights off and more. All forms must be returned by deadline included in the packet to
Emily Reece, Camping Specialist, GSCNC, 4301 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008.
Placement in the program is based on experience and is at the discretion of the Camp Director. Girls will receive
a stipend for being a Junior Counselor. All Junior Counselors must leave camp on weekend breaks; bus
transportation is available at no cost. If girls are not able to attend for the entire length of the session as
indicated below, other arrangements can be discussed with the Camp Director during the interview.
Camp Coles Trip
Sessions 2-4 (3 weeks) June 25-July 14
Sessions 5-7 (3 weeks) July 16-August 4
Camp May Flather
Sessions 2-4 (3 weeks) June 25-July 14
Sessions 6-8 (3 weeks) July 23-August 11
Camp Potomac Woods
Sessions 1-4 (4 weeks) June 18-July 14
Sessions 5-8 (4 weeks) July 16-August 11
Camp Winona
Sessions 2-5 (4 weeks) June 25-July 21
Sessions 6-9 (4 weeks) July 23-August 18


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