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Hazardous Decomposition:
Eye Protection:
Burning can produce carbon monoxide an/or carbon
Safety glasses or goggles.
dioxide. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic if inhaled;
Protective Gloves:
carbon dioxide in sufficient concentrations can act as
Impermeable chemical handling gloves for skin protection.
Respiratory Protection:
Hazardous Polymerization:
Not required under conditions of normal use.
Will not occur.
Ventilation: General mechanical ventilation or local exhaust should
be suitable to keep vapor concentrations below required levels
Section VI: Health Hazard Data
(see section II).
Primary Routes of Exposure:
Other Protective Clothing or equipment: Eyewash facility.
Oral, inhalation, & skin
Work Practices: Avoid contamination of food or feed. Wash hands
after using and before smoking or eating. Treat this chemical
Can cause gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, nausea, and
with respect and follow all MSDS instructions.
diarrhea. Can also cause nervous system disorders such as
fatigue, dizziness, headache, lack of coordination, tremors
Section VIII: Control Measures
and unconsciousness
Small Spill: Absorb liquid on vermiculite, floor absorbent, or
other absorbent material and transfer to hood.
May cause nose and throat irritation.
Large Spill: Keep Spectators away. Persons not wearing
protective equipment should be excluded from area of spill
Liquid or mist causes irritation, experienced as stinging,
until clean up has been completed. Wet vac up or cover
excess blinking and tear production, with excess redness to
with inert material (e.g. sand, earth). Stop spill at source.
the conjunctive.
Prevent from entering drains, sewers, streams, etc. If runoff
Skin or Contact:
occurs, notify authorities as required. Wet vac up or cover
Causes mild skin irritation.
with inert material (e.g. sand, earth). Pump or vacuum
transfer the spilled product to covered clean plastic
First Aid:
containers for recovery. Transfer contaminated, absorbent
Drink promptly a large glass of milk,
soil and other materials to containers for disposal.
egg whites, gelatin solution or if these
Waste Disposal Method: Pesticide wastes are acutely
are not available, water. Avoid
hazardous. Improper disposal is a violation of Federal law.
Alcohol. Call a physician immediately.
Contact your State Pesticide or Environmental Agency or
Remove to fresh air. If breathing has
EPA Regional office for guidance. Please call us if you
stopped, apply artificial respiration. If
need additional disposal information.
breathing is difficult, give oxygen
Precautions To Be Taken In Handling & Storing: Since empty
provided a qualified operated is
containers contain product residue and may be under
present. Seek medical attention.
pressure, all hazard precautions given in the material safety
Irrigate immediately with water for at
data sheet must be observed. Any use of this product in
least 15 minutes, lifting eyelids
elevated temperature processes should be thoroughly
periodically to remove contamination.
evaluated to establish and maintain safe operating
Get medical attention.
conditions. Do not swallow. Use adequate ventilation.
Wash thoroughly with soap and water
Other Precautions: Keep this and all chemicals out of the reach
and see a doctor if irritation persists.
of children.
NTP – Not Listed
IARC Monographs – None
OSHA REGS – Not Regulated
Section IX: Part Number and Packaging
Product Name Part No. Packaging
Section VII: Precautions for Safe
DEVESTATE II 1202-12 12 x 1 qt Case
HMIS Information:
DISCLAIMER: Ecolink, Inc. believes the information contained herein
Health – 2 /
Reactivity – 0
is accurate. However, Ecolink makes no warranty, expressed or
Flammability – 1
Personal Protection – B
implied, regarding the accuracy of this data or the results to be
HMIS Definition:
obtained by the use thereof. Ecolink, Inc. assumes no responsibility for
injury from the use of the product described herein.
0 – Minimal, 1 – Slight, 2 – Moderate, 3 – Serious, 4 –
“/” in the Health Category denotes material does not target
any major organs.
“*” in the Health Category denotes material may target
certain organs.
Ecolink, Inc.
Material Safety Data Sheet – DEVESTATE II
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