Resolution Of Board Of Directors Template


Resolution of board of directors.
Certified Copy of Resolution of Board of Directors
I certify that I am the elected and qualified secretary of _________, a corporation organized and existing under
the law of the State of _________, and that the following is a true and correct copy of certain resolutions adopted at
a meeting of the Board of Directors of that corporation, held on _________[date], and that these resolutions are
now in full force and effect, and have not been revoked, altered, or amended:
"Be it resolved that this corporation enter into a trust agreement with _________[name] as trustee under an
agreement dated _________ and known as trust number _________, in which this corporation shall be
designated as a beneficiary in the assignment of beneficial interest under that trust, and that agreement or
assignment is executed on behalf of the corporation by any _________[number] of the officers described here.
The subject matter of the trust agreement shall be the following described parcels of real estate: _________[set
forth legal description and address].
"And be it further resolved, that any _________[number] of the following officers of this corporation are
now given the authority to direct the trustee: to convey title to the real estate; to execute and deliver deeds,
mortgages, notes, and any and all other documents pertaining to the property, in all matters regarding the trust or
trust property or proceeds from it.
"And be it further resolved, that any _________[number] of the following officers are authorized to execute
assignments, assigning all or part of the beneficial interest under this trust.
"And be it further resolved, that the authority of the following officers be continuing, and, unless notified in
writing to the contrary, the trustee and purchaser of the real estate or of the beneficial interest, or any person
loaning money or otherwise dealing with the following officers, shall be fully protected and rely on the direction
of these officers. No one shall be required to see to the application of monies or assets paid or delivered to these
officers or pursuant to their direction, or to inquire into the propriety of the exercise of their authority:
[Names, titles, and signatures of directors]
"And be it further resolved, that the secretary of this corporation is authorized to certify under the corporate seal
of the corporation, to the Trustee, a copy of these resolutions and the names of the persons authorized to act on
behalf of the corporation in the premises. The Trustee is authorized to rely on these certifications of the Secretary of
the corporation until it is formally advised of changes in it by a subsequent certification under the corporate seal."
I have affixed my name as secretary and have caused the corporate seal of the corporation to be affixed.
Dated _________.
[Signature of corporate secretary]


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