Sample Letter Of Support For Your Association Grant Request


Template Letter of Support for your Association Grant Request
It is easier for people to support your grant request and complete a letter for you if they know
specifically what you need. Provide each person sending a letter of support a brief description of
what you are asking for and why. Give them a template they could use to develop their letter. It
is also advisable to have people from your Association who have various roles, for example do
not have all officials or all coaches write letters of recommendation. Use a variety tp tell your
Sample Template
Dear Grants Committee:
I support the Name Association’s request for funding to (state what the request is for).
believe their request is important because (state here what the deficiency is or what aspect of
service you believe needs to be improved).
The purchase of this equipment, facility improvement, etc. will (state why you believe this
request will help the Association either meet a regulation they are deficient in or increase the
quality of service to members and increase membership).
I have seen or read about an improvement such as the one proposed here. It has improved
(state what has happened positively with this improvement and how it allow the Association
to increase their effectiveness).
Please give this proposal your full attention and if I can answer anything further please let me
know. I may be reached at (phone number or email).
(your name and the position you hold in the Association, or if you are a parent, coach, or


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