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Alexander Smith / (555) 546-5098 / Davidson, NC
November 27, 20XX
Mr. Gregory Flint
Equity Analyst
Slate Capital
165 South Tryon St, #1023
Charlotte, NC 28204
Dear Mr. Flint:
I am writing to apply for the spring semester intern position at Slate Capital posted on your
website. I am excited about the opportunity to lend my skills and knowledge of financial
markets to your firm as I continue to build investing experience.
As the attached résumé indicates, my work with the Davidson College endowment
exposed me to a variety of investment philosophies and understandings of risk. I learned
about the qualitative characteristics exhibited by successful fund managers and sought to
apply them to Davidson’s investment clubs. During this internship, I constructed fund
summaries, exposure reports, and built an appreciation for different valuation methods
while paying close attention to macroeconomic factors. Ultimately, I was able to use
custom financial ratios to make recommendations for Davidson’s fiscal policies. In addition
to augmenting my finance skill set, this internship instilled in me the passion for investing
that you are seeking in interns.
My summer experiences and time at Davidson have provided me with a strong set of
communication and analytical skills. As a volunteer firefighter, I learned how to become a
dependable team member and pay close attention to detail, even under intense pressure.
As a Chidsey Leadership Fellow, I have worked with a diverse group of students and
recently created a workshop on effective communication. By focusing my studies in
economics and political science, I have become adept at finding and articulating
relationships in increasingly complex data and situations. I thrive in a variety of areas
requiring rigorous analysis, clear communication, and creative problem solving.
I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the spring intern position with you
further. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Alexander Smith


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