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Christopher Teo, (555) 536-5196, Davidson, NC
October 1, 20XX
Mr. Jack Harvey
Senior Programmer
101 West Worthington Street, Suite 350
Charlotte, NC 28203
Dear Mr. Harvey:
I am pleased to apply for the internship position at Datalytics for the upcoming summer.
The prospect of working at your start-up company is attractive to me because of its focus
on analytics and technology development.
My combined interests in math, computer science and finance make Datalytics an ideal fit
for me. The summer internship experience can help broaden my programming background
and apply much of the math that I have learned during my time at Davidson and abroad in
Budapest. As someone who enjoys solving problems and analyzing data, I am excited to
have the opportunity to learn how systems like Hadoop work and to participate in the
development of new algorithms. Working for Datalytics will also provide me with a great
opportunity to learn how a small start up company operates and grows its business.
What sets me apart from other candidates who may be applying for this position is my
previous experience in computer science and mathematical research. Last summer, I
assisted a faculty member in the Davidson College Math Department in coding an
alternative ranking system to PageRank. This experience required me to learn how to code
in MATLAB, and it introduced me to analyzing data output. I also handle challenges very
well, which is evidenced by my abroad experience in Budapest, Hungary. While I was
there, I managed a heavy workload as well as navigating my way through a country whose
national language ranks as one of the toughest to learn. I feel like the lessons I learned
there will transition nicely into the summer internship position. Finally, what I may lack in
experience, I make up for in tenacity. I am a first generation college student with a blue-
collar background, and I am constantly out to prove myself.
In addition to this cover letter, I have submitted my résumé, which highlights my
qualifications for this internship. As part of the Davidson Entrepreneurship Program, the
summer experience at Datalytics will provide me with invaluable training in many areas of
interest to me and could propel my future career. I look forward to hearing from you and
hope to interview with you on campus next week.
Christopher Teo


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