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Brittany Knox
555-215-5203,, Davidson, NC
March 2, 20XX
The American Beverage Association
1210 I Street NW, Suite 300W
Washington, D.C., 20005
Dear Internship Coordinator:
I am applying for the Government Relations American Beverage Association Summer
Internship advertised on the WildcatLink posting system at Davidson College. With my
interests in government, law, and politics, I am enthusiastic about this opportunity to lend
my administrative, organizational and leadership skills to support a national trade
I am attracted to the ABA because the association represents such a large number of
workers who can be positively impacted and protected by legislation. Through my work in
Senator Hagan’s and Senator Gillibrand’s offices, I gained insight into the legislative
process and observed the important role trade associations play in guiding government. I
am excited about and capable of researching political issues impacting the beverage
industry, attending Congressional hearings, drafting letters, and providing other assistance
to the government relations team. This summer opportunity would offer additional
exposure to the legislative process and allow me to contribute to your team as well as to
our nation’s politics.
In addition to the administrative experience gained through my internships, I would bring
strong organizational and leadership skills honed through my Davidson activities to this
position. As President of the Patterson Court Council, I have worked to hone my decision-
making and interpersonal communication. Through this position, I have assumed more
responsibility, learned time management, enhanced my communication skills, and grown
as a team player. As a participant in the Leadership Davidson program, I have learned
successful leadership traits from Davidson College staff, other student leaders, and a
community mentor. I have also polished my research and analytical capabilities through
my experiences with the Emerging Issues Academy and my intensive liberal arts
coursework at Davidson. I am a hardworking, motivated student, and would love the
opportunity to lend my skills to the ABA this summer.
Attached is my résumé, which illustrates my qualifications for this position. I am eager to
hear from you and discuss how I could contribute to the ABA team. Thank you for your
Brittany Knox


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