Age Appropriate Chore Chart For Kids Ages Two And Up


Ages 2-3
Ages 9-1 1
get dressed
all previous tasks
pick up toys and books
sweep and mop floor
make bed
clean bathrooms
put clothes in hamper
help with yard work
put away silverware and tupperware
clean out the car
fold rags and dishtowels
clean mirrors and windows
help wipe up spills
make simple meals
place own plate and cup in the sink
bring in the mail
Ages 4 and 5
Ages 1 2 -1 5
all previous tasks
all previous tasks
set table
make meals and meal plan
clear table
babysit siblings
fold and sort laundry onto shelves
do own laundry
help put groceries away
deep clean kitchen
wash fruits and veggies
personal hygiene
brush teeth
be responsible for homework
help with pet
take trash out to the curb
Ages 6 to 8
Ages 1 6 +
all previous tasks
all previous tasks
wipe down table
job outside the home
put dishes away
responsible for own money
help pack school lunch
most adult responsibilities
prep a simple snack
These guidelines are simply
collect trash
suggestions. Each child is different.
sort laundry from whites and colors
T ake your child' s skill level and
abilities into consideration.
shower and get ready for the day


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