Property Rental Agreement Template


Rental Agreement
I ___________________________ agree on this date _________________________ to rent the
property located at ____________________________________________________________________.
On a (Circle one) months to month, monthly under a yearly lease, yearly lease, or rent to own basis. For
a term of _________ from _____________________ with rental payments starting on the
______________ day of ___________ for the amount of _________________ per month.
I further agree that rent for said property shall be paid on the ______________ day of each month. I
understand and agree the rent will be considered past due if more than __________ days beyond that
date. A late charge of $ _________ will be due at that time, in addition to past due rent.
Property owner/Landlord, agrees to provide service for (circle all that apply):
Water service
Trash pick-up
Snow removal
Electric Service
Natural gas
Landscaping and lawn care
Major repairs, not caused by misuse, carelessness, vandalism, or other damage of fault by tenant
Tenant is responsible for all services not indicated above.


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