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3.7 如果有本表未涉及而需专门陈述的其他与签证申请相关的事项,请在此或另纸说明。
p. 7
If you have more information about your visa application other than the above to declare,please give details below or type on a separate
3.8 如申请人护照中的偕行人与申请人一同旅行,请将偕行人照片粘贴在下面并填写偕行人信息。If someone else travels and shares the
same passport with the applicant , please affix their photos and give their information below.
偕行人 1
偕行人 2
偕行人 3
Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
Affix Photo
Affix Photo
Affix Photo
Full name
四、声明及签名 Part 4: Declaration & Signature
4.1 我声明,我已阅读并理解此表所有内容要求,并愿就所填报信息和申请材料的真实性承担一切法律后果。
I hereby declare that I have read and understood all the questions in this application and shall bear all the legal consequences for the
authenticity of the information and materials I provided.
4.2 我理解,能否获得签证、获得何种签证、入境次数以及有效期、停留期等将由领事官员决定,任何不实、误导或填写不完整均可能
I understand that whether to issue a visa, type of visa, number of entries, validity and duration of each stay will be determined by consular
official, and that any false, misleading or incomplete statement may result in the refusal of a visa for or denial of entry into China.
4.3 我理解,根据中国法律,申请人即使持有中国签证仍有可能被拒绝入境。
I understand that, according to Chinese law, applicant may be refused entry into China even if a visa is granted.
Applicant’s signature:
Date (yyyy-mm-dd):
注:未满 18 周岁的未成年人须由父母或监护人代签。Note: The parent or guardian shall sign on behalf of a minor under 18 years of age.
五、他人代填申请表时填写以下内容 Part 5:If the application form is completed by another person on the applicant's
behalf, please fill out the information of the one who completes the form
5.2 与 申 请 人 关 系 Relationship
5.1 姓名 Name
with the applicant
5.3 地址 Address
5.4 电话 Phone number
5.5 声明 Declaration
I declare that I have assisted in the completion of this form at the request of the applicant and that the applicant understands and agrees that
the information provided is true and correct.
日期/Date (yyyy-mm-dd):
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