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Joel I. Klein
SAMPLE EXCESSING LETTER – From Principal to UFT Paraprofessionals 2009
UFT Educational Paraprofessional
Your UFT paraprofessional position at our school has been eliminated for the 2009-2010 school year. As a
result, and in compliance with our contractual obligations, you have been placed in excess as of June 2009.
Although you will be in excess, you will be required to report here on the first day of school, on September 3,
2009, unless you secure a position in another school or are notified of a reassignment by Human Resources
staff prior to that date. While in excess you will be required to serve in a full-time paraprofessional
assignment covering absences until you are able to secure a regular paraprofessional position.
Finding a New Regular Assignment prior to September 3, 2009:
Beginning now, please make every effort to use the available tools and resources to apply for and attempt to
secure a new, regular assignment as soon as possible. You are encouraged to fully utilize the Open Market
Hiring System (OM) and the many other resources available to assist you in locating a new, regular
assignment. The Open Market Hiring System is a key tool which you can use to search for schools and
vacancies of interest to you, enter your cover letter and resume, and submit applications to schools. More
about the OM appears below; please begin to register and use the system if you have not already done so.
Accessing the Open Market Hiring System- A Key Tool in Your Search:
The Open Market allows you to search for schools and vacancies, and allows schools to consider you for
possible selection. The OM may be accessed as follows:
Step 1: Access the Open Market Hiring System (OM) system website to submit applications to vacancies at
schools https://
Step 2: Continue to use the Open Market system until you have been offered and have accepted a position
in another school. Each year thousands of vacancies are announced prior to the opening of school. The
OM system provides timely and school specific information about vacancies; please use it frequently.
Vacancies continue to be added to the OM throughout the summer and after the opening of school.
Therefore, continue to check the Open Market and your DOE Outlook email account (see below) throughout
the summer and after the school year begins if you have not yet located a position. Following the close of
the Open Market on August 7, if you have not already been selected for a new, regular assignment, you may
continue to search for vacancies through the Excessed Staff Selection System.
Your Department of Education Outlook account – an essential point of contact:
Additional information may be made available if necessary through your official Department of Education
Outlook email account. Therefore, it is essential that you are able to access and regularly check the emails
received at this email account until you have been selected for a new position. If you do not already have
access to your account, or need more information, please contact the DOE Helpdesk at 718-935-5100 or
visit the following email information link:


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