Purchase Order Form Of Contract Template


Purchase order form of contract.
_________ Corporation
Purchase Order No. _________
and Subsidiary Companies
Date: _________
Purchasing Department
Delivery in Progress
F.O.B. _________
_________ Company
Terms Net Cash
Please enter our order subject to the terms and conditions on the face and reverse side. Quotation: Letter
Acknowledge receipt of order. State shipping date. Our order number must appear on invoices, B/L's, package
and correspondence. Address communications to: _________
Our Item No.
Supervision, labor, tools and equipment to be miscellaneous _________ work for _________ as requested by
_________. All charges to be rendered in accordance with the card of accounts which _________[e.g., field
engineers] will hand to contractor.
Materials to be furnished by _________ Corporation. However, any miscellaneous materials are to be at the
actual cost plus _________ percent. _________ Corporation to pay contractor the actual cost of all labor used at
job site (except: _________) and the cost of general superintendent and main office supervision. To the above labor
costs will be added the following percentage fee: _________.
Ship to _________ Corporation at _________.
For the above fees contractor will furnish a full-time job superintendent; pay all worker's compensation and
insurance; furnish all tools except as noted below; furnish job office; provide main office supervision and maintain
job records.
It is understood that _________ Corporation will furnish all rigging equipment, cranes, or excavating machines
required. _________ Corporation will also furnish catwalks or lumber for catwalks scaffolding where required.
Confirming order _________[date] to _________.
Copy of our S.D. Order No. _________ is attached and must be followed in the performance of this work. Detach
and return the acknowledgement portion at once.
For sales or use tax purpose, the final or complete invoice must show labor and materials separate; the invoice
must indicate if partial or complete. In the State of _________ only, tax will be paid direct by purchaser.
No additional work over that specified in this contract to be performed without approval from the purchasing
department of _________ Corporation. Invoice must show whether partial or complete.


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