Contract In Form Of Earnest Money Or Deposit Receipt Seller


Contract in form of earnest money or deposit receipt—Seller's receipt.
[Place and date]
Received of _________ $_____ as earnest money, and in part payment for the purchase of the following
described property situated in the County of _________ and State of _________: _________, which we have this
day sold and agreed to convey to _________ for $_____ on terms as follows: _________.
Complete abstract of title continued to date is to be furnished to purchaser at the expense of seller, after which
_________ days is to be allowed purchaser for examination of title.
If title to the premises is not good and cannot be made good within _________ days from date this date, this
agreement shall be void and the above $_____ refunded. But if the title to the premises is now good, in the name of
seller, or is made good in him within _________ days, and the purchaser refuses to accept the same, the $_____
shall be forfeited to _________. But this forfeiture shall in no way affect the right of either party to enforce the
specific performance of this contract.
[Signature of seller]
I hereby agree to purchase the property for the price and upon the terms above mentioned, and also agree to the
conditions of forfeiture and all other conditions expressed.
[Signature of purchaser]


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