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The Coming Plague: Book Review
“The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance” written by
Laurie Garrett details all the accounts of the emerging concerns that arise based on the possibility
of the universal plague outbreak that has been envisaged. The author discusses numerous
diseases and subsequently offers alternatives to prevent a global catastrophe.
People are fragile creatures and it easy to observe the various things that can lead to the
death of individuals as well as things that harm them. However, the scariest of these dangers that
humans cannot see, but until recently nobody knew of their existence, for instance, viruses, and
microbes have been a cause of epidemics for a long time. The author of this book examines these
potential dangers, which end up becoming catastrophic presented by the viruses as well as the
attempts by man to control them (Garrett, 1994). The author further, in the introduction,
illustrates the variety of viral diseases. These diseases include HIV, Ebola, Tuberculosis,
Cholera, among many others. She goes further ahead to introduce the numerous researchers who
have studied and identified the different maladies thereby providing a glimpse into their personal
lives as well as their professional lives.
HIV is viewed as a single most important indicator for the wonders that encompass the
world. When the virus was in its initial stages, it was rapidly identified and scientists came up
with alternatives to slow down the progression of AIDS, which is the disease that is brought
about by the virus. As it has been pointed out by the author, humans are lucky this time. She
additionally goes further ahead and illustrates how lucky people are by pointing and offering few


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