How To Form Contractions English Worksheet


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How to Form Contractions
"Welcome! It is I, the Amazing Contractionator. Watch, as I magically take two words and turn them into a
shorter word… a contraction! How do I do it? A magician never reveals their tricks."
Hold up, contractions aren't magic. Anyone can make them. In fact, I just did, did you catch it? Let's break it
Contractions, when two words combine
To make a shorter word, look close and you'll find
That all you have to do is remove some letters,
And put an apostrophe there, that's better.
Now, I don't know what you've heard,
But a contraction is a shortened form of two words.
You make one by putting two words together.
Then, what you do is take out one or two letters.
But then it looks kind of sloppy, see...
So we'll replace the letters with an apostrophe.
Now, let's take “does” and “not.”'
Just put 'em together. “Wait, hold up, stop!
I bet you don't know how to take the right letters out!”
Well, that's an easy one, Mister Magician, settle down!
Usually you take out letters from the second word,
And the first word doesn't get disturbed.
But how do you know what letters to remove?
That depends on the contraction that you want to use!
For a contraction with “not,” take out the “o.”
Replace it with an apostrophe, there you go.
We had “does” and “not,” now we have “doesn't,”
And he was not going to show you how to do that. “No, I wasn't.”
But what about a different kind, like one with “will”?
You know how to do it, use your new skill.
Put 'em together, and replace the “wi”


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