Establishing Routines - Checklist Template


E s t a b l i s h i n g R o u t i n e s
Before you can decide on what routines will work for you and your family, begin
by answering these questions:
What tasks do you need to complete each day in order to get to work?
Which tasks do you need to do each day to get your kids to school?
Which tasks do you need to do each day to eat?
Which errands do you need to get done daily?
Which tasks need to get done each done in order for you to get some exercise?
Which tasks do I need to get done to maintain an organized home?
Make the list. In the beginning, nothing is too small, if you want to work "brush
teeth" into your routine, that' s great.
When I was creating mine, I found it much easier to throw everything in and edit
out later.
On the following pages are some ideas which you may want to consider adding
to your routines.


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