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Dear Ms. Wood,
I am writing to apply for a summer work-experience position at the Seattle Times. I read the
Times as often as possible for its high-quality, original reporting and, given my enthusiasm,
diligence, and editorial experience, I would provide a fresh perspective to the newspaper.
My time with publications such as the Husky Herald has given me valuable experience in print
media. Having worked at the Herald as a copy editor, staff writer, section editor, managing
editor, and now editor-in-chief, I have exposed myself to a variety of responsibilities and
challenges. I understand the pressures of writing and editing under deadline, I can give and
receive orders, I can write and edit articles in different tones, styles, and genres, and I can work
with and lead a group. Most important, I have learned that I enjoy working in a creative
journalistic environment, in both an editing and a writing capacity. The two inform each other
and, since I enjoy and practice both, I feel in a capable position to pursue them equally.
My studies, too, are preparing me to pursue print journalism. As a Media and Communication
Studies major, I take one writing class each quarter, meet with working writers, and will create
an extended final writing project. The concentration provides the theoretical counterweight to my
practical experience with the Herald: through writing classes, I can practice the craft of long-
form journalism, with more time, more revisions, and more word length than a weekly
newspaper can allow.
For these reasons, I know I would both learn from and contribute to the Seattle Times as an
intern. I would relish the opportunity to work for you this summer. Enclosed is a copy of my
résumé for your review. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.
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