Noise Complaint Form


City of Plano Animal Services
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Noise Complaint Form
A person wishing to file a complaint against the owner of a dog creating a disturbance by barking, howling
or yelping is encouraged to maintain a dog Noise Complaint Log. A detailed, specific, and accurately kept
log means a better chance of success if the case should be challenged in court. After this log is completed
and signed, return to Animal Services.
On the first complaint, a letter is sent to the owner informing of a reported complaint, the need to train the
dog as well as register the dog with Animal Services. Within 10 days of receipt of the noise letter, if the
dog is still barking, the complainant can call back and file another complaint. At that time, an Animal
Services Officer will be dispatched to the residence to speak with the owner or leave a notice and to ensure
that the dog is current on rabies vaccination and registered with Animal Services. Animal Services will also
advise the owner that the complainant may file a Nuisance by Noise complaint with Municipal Court. After
these two steps have been taken, Animal Services can be dispatched again but after that, the division can no
longer assist with said complaint. The complainant can file a Nuisance by Noise complaint by submitting a
noise complaint log with the required sworn affidavit to the Animal Shelter.
All complaint logs will be forwarded to the City of Plano Legal Department for their review. If sufficient
evidence exists for a complaint, the Prosecutor may file charges against the animal owner.
To increase the possibility of legal action and charges being filed, have additional witnesses from
neighbors residing in the vicinity and who are willing to not only complete these forms but also appear
in court. Otherwise, it may become a situation where it’s the dog owner’s word against yours.
All conditions must be met before charges can be filed.


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