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Effective Cover Letter Checklist
I have used a professional font that matches my resume.
I have set my top, bottom, left, and right margins to 0.75” – 1.0” to match my resume.
I have included the date, contact person’s name (spelled correctly) and title (if known), company name,
company address, subject line, and salutation.
I have included my contact information within the header field with my address, phone number and email
address to match my resume.
I have included a closing line (i.e. ‘Sincerely’), my signature (scanned or script font) with my name typed
below the signature, and a note of any enclosures.
My letter fits onto one page.
I have checked my letter for spelling and grammar.
I have generated interest by noting either a mutual contact, my research into the company (something
specific), and how I could add value.
I have explained why I am interested in the company or the particular project/role.
I have summarized what makes me a strong candidate and have stated the specific position I’m applying
I have highlighted only those qualifications that are relevant to the specific job.
I have provided SPECIFIC examples to demonstrate those key skills/qualifications and have used strong
action verbs when doing so.
I have avoided any negative language.
I have avoided focusing on what I can gain, and instead, have focused on what I can do for the employer.
I have summarized what makes me a strong candidate for the position.
I have reaffirmed my interest in working for the company.
I have indicated that I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with the contact person.
I have stated my appreciation to the reader for reviewing my application.
E f f e c t i v e C o v e r L e t t e r s
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