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Request for Salary Expectation
Some job postings ask you to provide your salary expectations. Before answering, consider that a good
applicant is rarely denied an interview based on omitting salary expectation.
Keep in mind that the phrase “negotiable” has become somewhat
annoying to recruiters, but again, is not likely ground for refusing an
interview. In order to indicate your salary expectation, do your industry
research, and don’t restrict yourself to one figure – give a salary range.
The bottom figure should not be less than the amount that you would not
accept the job for. For example, “Based on my research, education, and
experience, I believe an appropriate range might be between _____ and
Final Notes …
Have each cover letter proofread a minimum of three times to ensure
all spelling and grammatical errors have been identified.
The majority of employers eliminate applications based on even ONE
spelling or grammatical error.
One Last Check
Before you send out your cover letter, ask yourself:
Did I use the correct spelling of all names and addresses?
Have I checked my letter for spelling and grammar?
Does my letter clearly show I have the skills needed for this
Have I indicated clearly what position I am applying for?
Always perform
Have I indicated how I can be contacted (phone, email)?
one last check!!!
Is my letter one page long?
Did I sign my letter?
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