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(4-A) SAMPLE MOT JOB POSTING – Research Analyst
COMPANY: Premier’s Technology Council
JOB TITLE: Research Analyst
In August 2001, Premier Gordon Campbell announced the formation of the Premier's Technology
Council, which is comprised of 23 members from the private sector and academia. The mandate of the
council is to provide advice to the Premier on all technology-related issues facing British Columbia and
its citizens. The Council has since submitted twelve reports containing nearly 200 recommendations to
the Premier.
The role of the Research Analyst is to conduct research and analysis in support of the PTC reports and
of other PTC projects. High level direction and planning assistance comes from the Director of
Operations. The details and implementation of the research projects are the responsibility of the
Research Analyst. This is an excellent position for an analyst who wants to learn project management,
work fairly independently and to learn more about the technology field.
Conduct consultations & interviews with groups and individuals, and present input to the PTC.
Consult with government officials, research institutions, health organizations and industry on
the role of technology in the delivery of government services.
Coordinate and organize PTC consultations. Work with the PTC President, Director of
Operations and specific task group/committees to prioritize and scope research projects.
Research information on models deployed in other jurisdictions as well as success stories in
British Columbia.
Provide draft recommendations and report content. Liaise with Director of Operations to
structure and stream work done by group into the report document. Work on special projects
and assignments including preparation of presentations, correspondence, speeches and
Coordinate the activities of the PTC and assist the President and Director of Operations as
required. Assist the Executive Assistant in preparing the President for meetings and liaise with
PTC members. Assist the Director of Operations in managing the PTC budget.
Masters in Economics, Business Administration, or related Liberal Arts field; or Bachelors in
Economics, Business Administration, or related Liberal Arts Field plus related experience.
advanced computer skills in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
ability to work independently
ability to manage own research projects
ability to handle several tasks simultaneously
ability to work in a fast-paced environment and long hours if necessary
experience conducting research and analysis on a variety of topics
able to work well with others
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