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(5-B) COVER LETTER: MBA – Trade Assistant
Vanessa Babcock
123 – 4567 88
(604) 123-4567
Vancouver, BC V3M 3M3
Ms. Judy Simson
July 21
, 20XX
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Commercial Assistant
1075 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9
RE: Trade Assistant Internship
Dear Ms. Simson,
While visiting the US Consulate Website I came across the posting for the Trade Assistant Internships. It immediately
appealed to me because it merges two of my interests, commerce and governance. I obtained my undergraduate degree
in Political Science in 20XX from the University of British Columbia and went on to work in the marketing field and as an
office administrator. Currently, I am pursuing my Master of Business Administration Degree at the Beedie School of
Business at Simon Fraser University. I believe I have the professional experience and academic background to conduct
trade and market research as during my graduate studies, I conducted extensive research and analysis on companies,
industries and geographic regions. I have wanted to utilize my Political Science degree for quite some time now, and this
position is very well suited to exercising my political and economic knowledge. I believe internships provide an opportunity
to put theory into practice; to develop skills that cannot be developed in a classroom setting.
During my time at Chrisco Hampers I conducted market research for the Eastern Canada division. I am one of the only
members in my MBA class to have taken the initiative to take on various projects and part-time work while pursuing this
intense program (one in which they recommend not pursuing work during studies due to its highly intense nature).
Currently, I am working with the Change Advertising Agency conducting extensive research on companies and arranging
meetings leading to new business. I believe my experience could add value to this project in the following areas:
Market Research: in a recent business and cultural field trip to Japan, I learned the importance of
understanding industries that countries thrive on. On an individual business level I visited technological
companies such as NEC and an alternative energy producer, and Zephyr Corporation. Upon my return to
Canada I conducted market research for the products manufactured by these companies and suggested that
Change approach Zephyr to conduct its North American campaign for one of their initiatives.
Communication: My strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively work with people of different
backgrounds will complement the needs of the U.S. Trade Office in Vancouver. As a member of the Vancouver
Board of Trade I have networked extensively and have gained the attention of prominent members who have
since become mentors for me. In addition, I have been asked to cover some upcoming events and write articles
about those events.
If I were to work for the U.S. Trade Office, I would use my skills to effectively work with well respected business, research
and government officials involved in the trade projects. In addition I believe my personality, enthusiasm for politics and
trade are well suited to the goals of this project. I hope to meet with you early next week to discuss my potential
contribution to the organization.
Vanessa Babcock
Vanessa Babcock
MBA Candidate
Beedie School of Business, SFU
Enclosure: Resume
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