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shown through reaching out to the community and industry
professionals to increase sponsorship and enhance employer
When using the “track
participation in our events. Additionally, my experience in the
changes” function, make
Community Volunteer Income Tax program has allowed me to
sure you accept all
changes and are not
further develop my client service skills as I was assisting
sending in a document
individuals of different background with their income tax returns.
that is marked up!
2. Copy and paste the cover letter in your email correspondence.
You may attach your cover letter as well.
What Employers Look For
A well-written cover letter speaks about the benefits you bring to the job - your expertise, your mastery of
technology, your personal attributes, and how the company will benefit from hiring you. Your letter should
The skills and experience you have which match their needs
For example, if the internship/job posting notes you are required
Maintain and coordinate BCAA’s social media
presence and integrate social media and
multi-media into BCAA communications
Your letter should highlight your related experience and skills:
As a Social Media Coordinator at a startup
company, I led a five part implementation of
their social media strategy using Facebook,
Twitter and YouTube viral campaigns, which
reduced the cost of event promotions by 10%.
Keen interest in working with their company shown by your
research and your ability to identify where you can add value in
the company
Even ONE spelling or
Knowledge of the industry and that particular career area
grammar error can cause your
application to be rejected.
Strong written communication skills; able to clearly express
yourself in a concise and to-the-point manner
Attention to detail – absolutely no spelling or grammatical
Signature – you may sign your cover letter by scanning your
signature or typing in script font style
E f f e c t i v e C o v e r L e t t e r s
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