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If the rejection came after the interview:
Take note of the questions you had difficulty answering and get help
from the CMC. Write a list of further questions you could have asked.
Ask yourself if you were able to provide specific examples to
demonstrate how you matched the required skills for the position.
It is appropriate in this case to send a ‘rejection’ email. This note will
make a positive statement if sent within two days after the rejection
In your email, be sure to thank the company for the interview. Express
your regret at not being offered the job, while also thanking the company
for their consideration of your qualifications. This may lead the employer
to give you some additional contacts or consideration for other roles in
the organization.
Below is an example of a rejection email.
Sample Rejection Email
From: Jane Brown [mailto:jane.brown@gmail.com]
Sent: May-09-XX 9:00 AM
To: Joe Smith [mailto:jsmith@email.ca]
Subject: Project work
Dear Mr. Smith,
Thank you for taking the time to consider my qualifications and interview me last week for the
Marketing Coordinator role. I appreciate the information you shared regarding this role and its
requirements along with the knowledge and insight you provided about ABC Company. I still have a
strong interest in joining the ABC Company team and would welcome a future opportunity to apply
should a position open up that could utilize my skill set. I wish you much success with your new hire.
Jane Brown
Jane Brown
BBA Candidate
Beedie School of Business, SFU
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